Know Me Better


Back in 2009, I had a blog named "Life is like a wheel" which is a personal diary for a young teenager like me. At first I create it to fill in my time after SPM if I'm not mistaken. But then, I started to be so open that it causes a misunderstanding. From that moment I learnt not to be too open because a social media can really kills the relationship if you did not use it wisely. Well, childish blogger back then. So here I am decided to start blogging with new blog after several years. 

Live in Kuala Lumpur for about 23 years now made me another city girl with a big family who is awkwardly loving each other in our own way. Love can come from many ways and sometimes I just show it through my writings here. Too shy lah wanna say I love You directly, my parents would tease me with you-know-that-kerang-busuk-smiling-face 👶

Oh, who loves cat by the way?
If you do, then we are a gang!

Till then, thanks for visiting my blog :)